This blog series is an on-going project where I tell people in my life ten things they should know.  The reason I feel like people should read this first is because it gives readers a LOT better idea of who I am: my faults and foibles, my strengths and stories, but mostly the people who make up the best of me.  Right now, I’m concentrating on my family, but I may start expanding once I finish.  They’re sporadic because I want them to come out right, but also because they’re emotionally taxing.  A lot of what I talk about are things that very strong emotions are connected to, positive or negative.  I usually cry while writing these (then again, I cry at everything) and always have to take a break to do something silly.  So, I hope you have patience.  And I hope you come to know me better through the amazing people in my life.

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The Mom

The Dad

The Sister

The Elder Younger Brother

The Younger Younger Brother

That’s all I plan to do for now, but I expect as I get time or life reminds me of them, I’ll eventually include one for a few of the people who get frequent mentions on the blog: Auddie, KitKat, Snikkers, Celessy, DearestBex, Jib, and NikNak.