I’m seeing a lot of think-pieces about a certain movie coming out this weekend* and I’ve yet to see one that hits the mark for me because they’re almost all in the business of judgement and ridicule, often of the particular kink (badly and incorrectly) portrayed in the books and film.

So here’s my take on the upcoming movie:

I can’t get torn up about a film that portrays a totally valid means of sexual expression in a wildly inaccurate way. I can get torn up about the abuse the main male character practices, using that kink as a blind.

I can’t get torn up about another R-rated movie earning its R rating. I can get torn up about how frightening the dynamic is in those scenes that earned the movie its rating.

I can’t bring myself to protest the movie – it’s no worse than a lot of other entertainment. I can bring myself to some other movie and not throw my money (or clicks/searches) in that direction.

I also can’t bring myself to judge those people who enjoy the movie or books. I enjoy a LOT of bad movies and literature, some because I didn’t know better when I consumed it and am now afflicted with a vicious sense of nostalgia (see: Piers Anthony), some because I just love corny, campy, so-bad-it’s-good entertainment. I can refuse to judge other people for loving problematic entertainment. You CAN.NOT. tell me that you don’t love some problematic entertainment. Everyone does. I don’t care if it’s old films filled with insidious racism or those terrible video games with sexualized violence or this movie. I may think those are poor choices and I won’t participate in them or facilitate your participation, but I will not judge you for participating. I will only encourage you to think about the decision critically.

My critical evaluation has led me to choose not to see the movie or read any more of the books than I already have. It’s also made me really sad that this is the current pop-culture portrayal of BDSM because it’s only further stigmatized something that I think is unfairly and wrongly demonized (also a thing I won’t judge: what goes on in your bedroom – NONE OF MY BUSINESS). I’m also REALLY ready to see the discussion move on to the next big/bad entertainment thing. Getting tired of this one.

*One of the things that has annoyed me most about all the think-pieces I’ve seen is how they are actively advertising a movie they say they want to be protested/ignored into oblivion. I’ll give my internet column inches to it because the judgement is what annoys me most, but I refuse to advertise for the movie. Y’all know which movie I’m talking about. You’re smart. And I never have to mention it or tag it.