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Guest post next week:

My friend Tony is going to be blogging for me next week.  He’s been married to his lovely wife for nearly a month, had to move, his wife started her teaching career–basically, their household has been really busy and he’s being very generous with his time by doing this for me.

Tony is an author, having one book published and is working on his second!  I have not yet read the first (I know, I’m a bad friend), but the reviews are encouraging!  So, check it out if that looks like something you’d enjoy.

From his website:

I was born in Junction City, Kansas. My dad served in the military, so I got to travel and live in two different parts of Germany (Schweinfurt and Frankfurt) as well as Arizona and Tennessee before settling in Colorado.

Since a young age, I’ve had a love of storytelling. Movies, books, video games, music, anything that told a story amazed me. When I got into high school, I figured I could get my passion out through graphic novels (I was an anime fan then, still am). I dreamed of walking into Borders and seeing my name among the titles there. (Coincidently, Borders closed a week before my first novel came out.)

When I started my first novel, Juniper Crescent, I had intended to draw it as a graphic novel. But after all my research and character design, I couldn’t draw the main character to my satisfaction. Not wanting to lose all the work I had done on the story, I blogged what I had done and what I wanted to do online.

The response from my friends and family was very positive, so I wrote out a scene or two. Everyone supported me in writing this out as a story, and my work on Juniper Crescent began.

In my spare time from working and going to school, I enjoy crocheting, reading, and playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Sorry this is not up to my normal introduction par, but that’s about all I have time for considering the vacation is minutes away.  More next week when he posts!

See you on Monday.
Oh, and here’s a picture:


Quick introductions!

If you’ve read my blog for a little while now, you should have run across Miss KitKat.  If not, I’ve been remiss.

KitKat is an old friend I met in high school and she is next week’s guest poster!

She is a wife and mother to an adorable little baby boy and I’m excited to see what she whips up for me!

I’d write more, but I have so MUCH to do and very little time to do it!  Hopefully I’ll have time to elaborate tomorrow.

Some people are amazing in every way:

My next guest blogger is one of my best friends in the whole world!

Presenting: Celeste!

She doesn’t have an online platform for me to link to and I totally spaced putting her picture on my jump drive so you guys can see her beautiful face.


*trolls Facebook*

Here she is all dolled up:

She’s pretty cute, huh?

But here’s the Celeste I know and love:

Yup, that’s my best friend!

And here’s her rambunctious dog that seems to love me more because she freaks me out (I’m freaked by big dogs and Sophie is just at that size that starts to bother if it’s in my face . . . and she loves my face):

Oh, dog. You’re pretty, but you don’t understand that I need my space.

Celeste is an online friend that became a real-life friend.  She and I were part of the Fiction Central community.  I’d link to it, but the website was bought by a new company and has been entirely wiped.  Hopefully it’ll be up and running again in the near future.  We were some of the oldest writers on that website, and we were only 18 to 19 when we signed up.  It was a young, enthusiastic community and we bonded over being–shall we say–less enthusiastic.  I’m NOT saying we were better writers, we were just more careful, doing things like editing and formatting before we posted.

After we became review buddies, we went on to be e-mail buddies (good thing, since the site shut down), which turned into calling each other once every few weeks, which became weekly, then practically daily.  We visit each other as often as we can (read: not often) and don’t spend NEARLY enough time together.

Celeste is just under a year older than I am, studying to be an angel on earth educator (High School Science, specifically Biology), is a manager at the family restaurant at the same time, and is the girl I can have ALL those awkward conversations with.  And I think we have had them AAAAALLLLLL.  My goodness.  She’s a born and bred Missouri girl and truly a gem among people.  She’s smart and funny and passionate and lets me be ridiculous with only the slightest of nudging when I’m in the process of committing social suicide.

We get along because we’re both borderline pedants, have a deep and abiding love for sepia photos, are country girls at heart (if not geographically, in my case), and make each other laugh.  There’s no better reason to love someone than that.

I can’t WAIT to see what she writes about next week. 😉

Schedule re-vamp! And something extra special!!

Okie doke, people, doing some much needed house keeping.

This week and this schedule are the direct result of blogging all last week and remembering that I love it a lot.  I expected this, so hooray!

First: the schedule on all the other blogs is being relegated to “I’m not going to think about it until I figure this blog out,” EXCEPT for Writing Days the fourth and fifth Tuesdays of each month on The Stories Begun.  I need to get back in the habit and making myself do a small writing exercise monthly will be nice and healthy. (Then again, I’ve just gotten back into reading Plutarch, so he might get a little attention.)

Second: After experiencing the joys of the 20 Something Bloggers Blog Swap, I’ve decided to start a new series.  I’m going to try and find guest bloggers twice a month.  I’ll do the same sort of intro post I did for Precious and Jemily on Thursday the week before they come onto the show and the following Thursday will be their post.  So the schedule for this blog will end up looking something like this (once I find regular guest posters):

  • Monday 1: Post by me.
  • Thursday 1: Intro to guest post for sure, possible bonus post by me.
  • Monday 2: Post by me.
  • Thursday 2: Guest post of awesome.
  • Rinse, repeat.

Third: Picture posts.  I have a RIDICULOUS amount of pictures hanging around from the last year (and more added each day, it seems).  These posts are as much for me (make me do some sorting) as they are to show you true snapshots of my life.   Those will post Saturdays.  Thankfully, I can choose ten to twenty pictures at once and just schedule way ahead.  They’ll be a lot like last Saturday’s post: nothing fancy, just look at me!  This weekend’s pic is a really fun one.  I’m excited to share!

I think this is going to work a lot better for me than what I was previously doing.  If you know any bloggers willing to guest post, just  go here!  I can’t wait to hear from you!

And here’s the best news of the day:  the first guest poster I asked has already sent me her blog!  And it is hi-LAR-ious.  So, without further ado, I am PLEASED AS PUNCH (if I think about this idiom too hard it makes my brain hurt . . . let’s just say I’m thrilled) to introduce: Jessica!

Jessica blogs over at Booshy (be forewarned: my guest post is over there today).  She is a mother of (a fairly new and VERY adorable) one, and married to the awesome Tim (who–for the record–I do not know, but she makes him sound awesome).  They are also parents to five (count them: five) fur-kids.  She’s got a pretty wicked sense of humor, and I really love her open honesty.  I found her through Freshly Pressed when her “take a picture of the sunrise for a year” project got noticed. (Okay, enough with the links.)  She’s from Georgia, but is now here in Colorado (Yay, Colorado girls!).  Jessica is unabashed in her Type-A personality ways, which I love a lot since . . . that’s me.   In a big way.  So, from her blog we have:

A picture!

And a brief about*:

“Booshy” came to life while my husband and I were looking for Christmas cards (“Holiday” for those that do not celebrate – but they had a Santa on the front…), albeit too late to find any good ones.  I guess Thanksgiving is the new Christmas and shopping for anything red or green or sparkly within the first two weeks of the month of Santa is WAY TOO LATE (apparently I’m behind – mental note).  He held one of the few remaining boxes of cards up for me to see and asked what I thought.  I said they looked booshy.  It just popped out.  He looked at me like “maybe I just didn’t hear what she really said” as I have this habit of mumbling and he now attempts to re-process my words before he asks me to repeat myself.  This time, I had to repeat.  He just laughed.

There you are!  Look for her guest post next week about a condition that I know ALL TOO WELL: being “hangry.”


*Usually, I’d quote from the “About me” page, but I already linked to it above and I’d be doing a serious disservice to Jessica if I took only a paragraph or two out of her “About” page.  Go, read it.  I felt like this explanation of the word “Booshy” was a good way to get to know her.