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I think I’m insane . . .

. . . But you should KNOW it by now. ūüėÄ

For my 200th post, I took the sentence or phrase that I liked best from each of the 199 previous posts (as well as all the Joie Facts) (yes, even you guest-posters), took out the pronouns, articles, stupid repetitive verbs, all the ‘I’s and ‘me’s, and conjunctions, and made a WORDLE! ¬†Then, I printed said WORDLE and made it even more AWESOME with my scrapbook-y skills (I took all the pictures on my blog that I own and used them to make the 2012).

I am NEVER. EVER. doing that again. ¬†Next milestone blog, you’re getting a kiss and a wink.


This is what comes from my special brand of insanity.  Thank you all for a fun 200 posts.

This is what comes from my special brand of insanity. Thank you all for a fun 200 posts.

It makes me inordinately proud that the most frequently used word is love.  I love you guys, I want to love better, and I want to love more.  Happy almost New Year, people.


P.S. Don’t worry. ¬†I’ve got a word document of every sentence I chose.


Little boy blue . . .

Okay, not quite.¬† But here’s the mini-statue from the secret courtyard that I posted a picture of last week.

It’s traditional to leave money here.¬† It’s given to childrens’ homes.¬† As you can see, he’s given flowers in the summer.¬† In the winter, and this is the best part, people knit little caps and mini scarves to put on him.¬† I LOVE it.

Upwards and onwards and marching into the clouds.

I think this is the best shot I have ever or will ever take.¬† These stairs look like they don’t end and I LOVE them.¬† They’re hidden in a tiny little courtyard that holds the smallest statue in Sweden (picture to come next week).¬† I think it’s one of the most vivid memories from that trip because it was like discovering a secret that was left there just for me.

This is baseball.

A park.  Two teams.  Umpires. Fans. Family.  A glove.  And a score sheet.  Yeah, this is baseball.

That’s my brother with the glove and me with the score sheet. And Coors Field in the background. Best of days.

Angels now scare me. Moffat!!

Oh no. It’s weeping. It’s an angel and it is weeping and I am going to die if I look away!!!!!

All I’m sayin’ is: Steven Moffat is a freaking genius. ¬†Scariest Who monster by a long shot.


Don’t blink. ¬†Don’t even blink.


This angel sits over the door of a church in Gravesend, England and this is one of my favorite little details about the town.  I miss my England family and home.

Snuggles in Sweden

That is my beautiful sister on the left. ¬†That’s me on the right. ¬†We’re in a cellar/former dungeon (my theory) turned restaurant in Gamla stan, Stockholm, Sweden. ¬†It was amazing food and atmosphere and I loved it. ¬†Also, best picture of me in a very long time.

See you on Monday!


Narnia better be just beyond that thing!

Yeah, I’m a¬†Chronicles kid. ¬†I grew up on the old BBC version and probably watched it once a month for about a year – even though it was on (wait for it) TWO VHS TAPES. ¬†I just got ¬†old, didn’t I?

This is one of the lampposts at Glen Eyrie, the friggin’ gorgeous castle that General Palmer (founder of Colorado Springs) built for his ungrateful wife, Queenie (uppity woman). ¬†This was taken just about a year ago when my roommate from college and her husband came out for a special event of mine. ¬†We took the opportunity to do some touristy awesomeness, too.

I’m posting this because I’m at a wedding of two whimsical and literary people today. ¬†I felt it suited them. ¬†Congratulations Megan and Tony!

Just around the corner there’s a forest . . .