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So what’s new?

Happy New Year, all!

This is just a little bit of blog business.  After doing four blog series in two months, I’m a bit blogged out.  Starting in February, I’ll be back to the old schedule of twice a week on Monday and Thursday (I want as many guest posts as I can wrangle, people) and a picture on Saturdays if I can remember to get them on my jump drive.

In the mean time, I’ll be posting once a week in January (Wednesdays, yes this counts for today).  I am going to copy over all the blog posts still in draft form and try to get them finished and scheduled.  So, you won’t see a whole lot of posting in the next month, but there will be plenty of work behind the scenes.  Also, starting this month, I am going to work on blogging once a month (no particular week or day) at my other blogs.  One of those my sister and I do together, so that one depends on her and my schedules combined (oh boy).  We’ll probably end up doing it less frequently than once a month, but it’s a good goal to work towards.  I hope, by the end of the year, to be diligently working on all of them and maybe doing the occasional twice a month post for the other blogs.  Ultimately, I just want to get back on my feet.

Thanks so much for a great year last year.  I wrote over 100 posts in a few short months and I’m really glad I did.  I am also glad, though, that I’m settling down for a little while.  By the end of those two months, my writing self was tired and it was an effort to do what needed to be done.  That I put in the effort is progress, but I’m looking forward to less effort in the writing and more gladness.

See you next week, people!



The hermit days are over!

Since 2009, when this blog started, I’ve been a petty, misanthropic blog hermit.

Yeah, I’m awesome.

But no more!  Doing 20 Something Bloggers Blog Swap (I told you I loved this community, partially because it’s so good for me) made me realize that I was being silly and kind of stupid.  You see, if I liked a post, I wouldn’t “like” it.  If I found a blog I enjoyed, I wouldn’t follow it.  I would wonder why something got Freshly Pressed rather than being excited that I was finding things I enjoyed reading.  I was blogging, but you could bet that I wasn’t going to be part of the community.

I have no idea why I did this.  I honestly think I was trying to preserve my corner of the internet.  Those who knew me could join me, but I sure as sure wasn’t going to invite people to my little hut in the blogosphere.  It makes no sense, especially when I grumbled about not being Freshly Pressed . . . blah blah blah.  I still don’t get how that works, how some first-time posts get chosen and some people get chosen multiple times, and some don’t, but I don’t particularly care.  I was never here for accolades, I was here to share.

I’m trying to be more active now, with follows and likes.  If you like me or follow me, I’m learning to respond in kind.  I’m learning that blogging isn’t just about me.  It’s about the community.  And, if I treat it like that, I will be rewarded beyond belief.

The days in the hermit hut of hate are over (please feel free to use and propagate that phrase).  I still have much to learn on how to be social in the blogosphere, but at least I’m out and about.

Schedule re-vamp! And something extra special!!

Okie doke, people, doing some much needed house keeping.

This week and this schedule are the direct result of blogging all last week and remembering that I love it a lot.  I expected this, so hooray!

First: the schedule on all the other blogs is being relegated to “I’m not going to think about it until I figure this blog out,” EXCEPT for Writing Days the fourth and fifth Tuesdays of each month on The Stories Begun.  I need to get back in the habit and making myself do a small writing exercise monthly will be nice and healthy. (Then again, I’ve just gotten back into reading Plutarch, so he might get a little attention.)

Second: After experiencing the joys of the 20 Something Bloggers Blog Swap, I’ve decided to start a new series.  I’m going to try and find guest bloggers twice a month.  I’ll do the same sort of intro post I did for Precious and Jemily on Thursday the week before they come onto the show and the following Thursday will be their post.  So the schedule for this blog will end up looking something like this (once I find regular guest posters):

  • Monday 1: Post by me.
  • Thursday 1: Intro to guest post for sure, possible bonus post by me.
  • Monday 2: Post by me.
  • Thursday 2: Guest post of awesome.
  • Rinse, repeat.

Third: Picture posts.  I have a RIDICULOUS amount of pictures hanging around from the last year (and more added each day, it seems).  These posts are as much for me (make me do some sorting) as they are to show you true snapshots of my life.   Those will post Saturdays.  Thankfully, I can choose ten to twenty pictures at once and just schedule way ahead.  They’ll be a lot like last Saturday’s post: nothing fancy, just look at me!  This weekend’s pic is a really fun one.  I’m excited to share!

I think this is going to work a lot better for me than what I was previously doing.  If you know any bloggers willing to guest post, just  go here!  I can’t wait to hear from you!

And here’s the best news of the day:  the first guest poster I asked has already sent me her blog!  And it is hi-LAR-ious.  So, without further ado, I am PLEASED AS PUNCH (if I think about this idiom too hard it makes my brain hurt . . . let’s just say I’m thrilled) to introduce: Jessica!

Jessica blogs over at Booshy (be forewarned: my guest post is over there today).  She is a mother of (a fairly new and VERY adorable) one, and married to the awesome Tim (who–for the record–I do not know, but she makes him sound awesome).  They are also parents to five (count them: five) fur-kids.  She’s got a pretty wicked sense of humor, and I really love her open honesty.  I found her through Freshly Pressed when her “take a picture of the sunrise for a year” project got noticed. (Okay, enough with the links.)  She’s from Georgia, but is now here in Colorado (Yay, Colorado girls!).  Jessica is unabashed in her Type-A personality ways, which I love a lot since . . . that’s me.   In a big way.  So, from her blog we have:

A picture!

And a brief about*:

“Booshy” came to life while my husband and I were looking for Christmas cards (“Holiday” for those that do not celebrate – but they had a Santa on the front…), albeit too late to find any good ones.  I guess Thanksgiving is the new Christmas and shopping for anything red or green or sparkly within the first two weeks of the month of Santa is WAY TOO LATE (apparently I’m behind – mental note).  He held one of the few remaining boxes of cards up for me to see and asked what I thought.  I said they looked booshy.  It just popped out.  He looked at me like “maybe I just didn’t hear what she really said” as I have this habit of mumbling and he now attempts to re-process my words before he asks me to repeat myself.  This time, I had to repeat.  He just laughed.

There you are!  Look for her guest post next week about a condition that I know ALL TOO WELL: being “hangry.”


*Usually, I’d quote from the “About me” page, but I already linked to it above and I’d be doing a serious disservice to Jessica if I took only a paragraph or two out of her “About” page.  Go, read it.  I felt like this explanation of the word “Booshy” was a good way to get to know her.

One week of posts equals:

Two weeks of posts!  I’ve been loving blogging each day so much that I decided to do it for one more week.  On Thursday, I’ll post a blog business post to introduce the new schedule that I’ll be adopting as of Monday, 7/30.  I just needed these two weeks to get back in certain habits.  Habits like: creating drafts when I get ideas, typing when I have a free moment or two, being willing to leave a draft unfinished, making a draft what it needs to be not perfect, and not being intimidated by my goals.

So, a few interesting things are going to be happening this week:

  1. BLOG SWAP!!!! (That originally typed out “Bog Swap.”  Anyone have a stinky swamp they wish to trade?)  That will be tomorrow, and I am thrilled to have Precious here!
  2. I have to skip Sushi night for a doctor’s appointment Wednesday, so I’m going to talk about the origins and whys of it instead (and probably have it on Thursday).
  3. Schedule update!  Thursday introduces the new schedule. 🙂
  4. The third “You should read this first” blog, featuring my lovely sister this time (for real).  That’ll be Friday, just a week later than expected.
  5. Another Picture Post.  It’s super cute.
  6. 100th post!  Between last week’s prolific posting and this week’s one a day, my last “post a day” will be my 100th post!  It’s silly and fun, so I hope you come look on Sunday.

See you around the blogosphere!


My blog swap partner!  Everyone, meet the amazing (I assume, I mean, they’re part of the 20 Something Bloggers community) blogging team of PRECIOUS AND JEMILY!!! (Specifically Precious, but more on that later.)

Jemily and Precious, according to their blog, met in 2008 in Park City, UT and immediately slowly and strangely hit it off.  But since their perhaps not so illustrious beginnings, they’ve found the rhythm of best friends (They even illustrated it with an A.A. Milne quote, are they not adorable?).  Precious is African and currently in Scotland working on her MBA and Jemily is a gypsy (currently in the UK, but been a little bit of everywhere).  The relationship between these girls reminds me strongly of DearestBex and I.  There’s no such thing as far apart when you love someone, and they have a blog to prove it.   Now, much as I would LOVE to have both write a blog for me (hinthint, Jemily – you are welcome here any time by dint of your coolness alone), Jemily is doing a blog swap on a different blog she contributes to.  So, Precious is my guest poster and she’s lovely (seriously, the e-mail she sent was amusing and enthusiastic, just what I was hoping for in a swap partner).  BUT, I wanted you to get to know both of the girls because I’ve been reading through the archives (WAAAAAYYYY ahead of you, Precious 😉 ) and they’re pretty amazing people.

From their blog:

The world is our oyster, so put some feathers in your hair, grab your oversized sunnies and throw on a pair of skyscraping heels. Join us as we trot through life with our thumbs out, dragging our wheelie-cases behind us!

From Precious:

The most recent stuff about me is in my latest post – . (Joie edit – that was the first post I read and it was a great intro – go, read.) But in short – I am born and bred South African, now living in the UK. Last year I hung up my heels to become a full-time student again. I am currently avoiding writing my MBA dissertation by eating my feelings, reading How to Be a Woman, watching the new series of Dallas, and hoping to get my dream job without having to leave my couch. I LOVE to travel, and the bug bit young, so am very excited to get to share a childhood vacation story with your readers next week.

I am so excited to be doing this.  Look for her guest post next Tuesday! 😉

Trying something new.

Last week, I had a lot to talk about.  Four posts in three days!  (And that doesn’t even count the post I wrote and scheduled for today.)  I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who does bunches o’ bunch and nothing for eight months.  But, seeing as work and I get super busy, a schedule seems like a pretty bad idea, too.  So, I’m going to try blogging every day for a full week (which will be easier this week as I work every day except Sunday).  I remember that I had more ideas when I blogged more often.  So, time to try something new.  Get a few ideas and just go.  Then, at the end of the week, decide what day was best, worst, in between, and why.  Then, with any luck, I’ll be able to find a schedule that works for me and keeps me inspired!

So enjoy today’s post!  See you tomorrow!!

One, two, three: switch!

Just letting you all know, I am participating in the 20 Something Bloggers blog swap!  I am thrilled to be doing this as I meant to last year and just . . . didn’t.  Boo for no follow through.

Partners get assigned on the 18th, so I’ll be excitedly informing all six of you who read this who will be stealing my blog for a day (and the blog I’ll be stealing, consequently).  I love this community (even though I’m still learning to take advantage of it) and I’m excited to see how another 20 Something sees things.

The theme for this year’s blog swap is “favorite childhood vacation.”  I still have NO IDEA what I’m going to write about!  PANIC MODE ACTIVATED!!!! 😉

See you around!