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I love the night time.

Too bad I seriously stink at taking pictures of it, which is a real pity since the Briarhurst Manor grounds, in addition to having the best restaurant in Colorado on them (seriously, people, if you haven’t eaten there before and you live in Colorado, you have not lived), are GORGEOUS.  Especially so at night.  But here is the crappy picture anyway because I think it’s pretty (even if there are some serious glare/contrast issues):


A little lemur never hurt anyone.

About a year ago, I posted a lemur pic. I give you another:

Mostly, I love the expression on my face combined with the lemur’s curiosity. If he had a humanoid face or I had a lemur one, I imagine our expressions would have been identical: that amused curiosity mixed with, “And what are you doing here?”

Of course, I was there to be a lemur’s perch!  What other business could I have at an aquarium?

The time of dances with butterflies at my heels and showers of flower petals.

Otherwise known as the season of Spring–or the Disneyfied/WiiFitted version.  For those of you doubting about the WiiFit, I kid you not.  Yesterday morning, I got up to exercise before work (like I do) and was greeted by a shower of flower petals when I entered my WiiFit Mii’s personal calendar.  And I extend a challenge to all Disney lovers to find a single Spring-specific scene that does not have dancing butterflies.

However, despite the utter ridiculousness of the popular manifestations of Spring, I’m feeling quite excited about the whole season.  As I have mentioned before, usually the only excitement generated during this time of year has to do with the amount of unaccountable bruises I discover.  Spring’s unofficial nickname is “The Season of Spontaneous Bruising.”  However, thus far, Spring has been in the air for two whole days and I know where each of my bruises came from.  Huzzah!

Now, this is, technically, False Spring.  Colorado’s seasons go something akin to this: Winter, False Spring, Second Winter, Short Spring, Summer, Barely Fall, and Winter.  But that’s a very good thing because the “in like a lion, out like a lamb” rule works here, as well as working in reverse.  March came in beautifully quiet (and just plain beautiful), so it’s going to go out in a hail of storms and horror.  At least, it better.

When it came time to change the background on my computer to something more Spring-like, I was disgusted at the displays of romantic nonsense that greeted me (more dancing butterflies and flower petal showers).  So I tried for the abstract, but to my deep dismay, there seems to be no good art featuring metal springs available.  So, I went back to looking at Spring-related art, this time adding the adjective “angry” preceding it.  The picture attached to this post is what I found.  It was perfect.  That is what I see Spring as: storms and death and life and vibrant quiet all rolled into one.  That is the Spring I desire.  So bring on the lion’s roar, the Spring of storms.  I can’t wait to thrill at all the terrible beauty that nature has for me this season. 

Although, as I wait for that Spring to arrive (likely to come with Short Spring), there’s no rule that says I cannot enjoy the False Spring of dancing butterflies and falling flower petals, too.