I have had this blog for THREE YEARS and I haven’t filled out an “About me” page?  Oh, I have been remiss.

So, who am I?

Joie.  It’s pronounced “Joey” since I live in America and trying to convince people to call me “Ʒwah” looked to be an exercise in futility.  However, the point here is “joie” means “joy” in French and it is that name that I try to live up to.


I’m Bi-Polar.  Sometimes being joyful is a chore, sometimes it’s a downright impossible.  But, I’m also a Bi-Polar survivor.  I was diagnosed after three miserable years of not knowing what was wrong with me and have been living with the diagnosis for a dozen years, now.  And, even on the worst day, I am alive.  If that’s all I’ve got to be joyful about, by gosh and by golly, I will be.

Also, who wants to be miserable?

Other than that, I got the obligatory degree after High School, promptly threw it away for a job in Professional Rodeo, and love every second of my crazy life.  I practice recreational learning (education is fun, people). I’m a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a Mormon for those of you who don’t know the official title of my church) and a left-leaning Moderate (the two are not mutually exclusive, promise).  I’m also non-binary (please use xe/xem/xyr when referring to me) and pan-sexual. I live in Colorado Springs and love it here, but cannot wait until the day I masses of disposable income to troll around the world.

I was born city, but am now inescapably rodeo.

I want to ride the ten biggest Ferris Wheels in the world (one down, nine to go) and the oldest functioning Merry-go-Round.

I want to research Little Red Riding-Hood in France, and I’m dying to get lost in Vosges mountains (so long as I eventually make it to Thann).

I want five kids, but a spouse should probably happen first.

I want to live in a GINORMOUS library.

Mostly, I just want to find a little joie.