In a few hours, it will be 2013.  Tomorrow, right at 12:01, a post will go up.  It will be done, I won’t be able to take it back.  I’m introducing myself to a new year in a very permanent way.

I’m making my future interesting with this post, yes, but I’m making MY future.

It’s been a rough year and I think, in order for next year to be better, I need to let it die.  I talked a bit about this in letting go, but letting the year die is so much more than that.  It means more than a goal to look to the future, to not dwell on my mistakes next year.

It means taking the tumult and sickness and loneliness and anger and hurt of a year full of them all, and throwing it away.  Forgetting it happened.  Starting as if the year’s experiences weren’t sitting in my heart.

Good bye, everyone.  See you in a very new year.


As ever, the title comes from this poem.