It’s time for a new series!!!

This year, between Christmas and New Year, ending on New Year’s Day when there is a special post I’ve been sitting on for four or five months (*checks drafts* four and a half), I will be talking about what I want to do in this new and amazing year.  I’m terribly excited to share my experiences from this year and how I hope to use them to make this next year great!  The series is called Ring in the New, from the lyric of the one New Year’s hymn in the LDS hymnal  (this is also where the title came from–I think I may continue to steal lines).  The lyric comes from a poem written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.  I’ll admit to preferring the poem in theory, but am glad of the shortened lyrics in reality.

In summary, this series is a list to the world of my goals for next year (thank heaven for only a week between Christmas and New Years), or things that are changing the way I live my life in the coming year.

So what’s the first thing I’ve decided to ring in?


So, I miss being in school.  Not so much the aspect of homework and busywork and stress and reading assignments fifty pages long per class or anything like that.  That, I don’t miss.  I miss the stimulation and my brain being at peak performance because it’s being exercised so regularly.  I miss being challenged and intellectually frustrated.

I am STARVED for education.  I’ve been out of school for two and a half years.  I’ve accomplished a lot in that time, much of it at work, but I’m ready to get back into learning.

I don’t know how I’m going to do it.  I don’t know what I’m going to study.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to design a program that actually makes me think, or if–by being in my own brain–I cannot challenge myself appropriately.  But I’ll figure it out.  I’ll work with my friends and family, I’ll find like-minded people and people totally dissimilar and talk with them.  I’ll give my brain the food it so needs and enjoys.  I’ll find a way.

I must.