Today, I am humbled.

I’ve had an interesting opportunity in the last couple weeks to stand for what I believe in, to have my family support me in it, and to get a response from the organization involved.

I am astounded.

I wish, with all my heart, to believe in the goodness of people.  It is experiences of the past couple weeks that have allowed those wishes and that belief to be validated.  People are AMAZING.  I am floored by care and love I have received from an organization that I have chosen not to support.  Rather than being angry with me, I have been reached out to.  I have been heard.  I have been loved.

As I was reminded by the representative who contacted me, no one is perfect.  Certainly not me or he.  However, we both chose to be loving and charitable, rather than angry or accusatory.  We both chose to be better, though he certainly set the example.  When this situation started, I was frustrated and angry and a little bit hasty in my response.  Thankfully, it was privately handled by my family in a mature and caring way.  Then, when we went back to the organization, rather than ignore us, they asked, “What can we do to fix this?”

No one is perfect.

But I have the faith and confidence to say that everyone can be amazing.

Thank you to a stranger for a valuable lesson.


P.S.  I know I said something similar to this a few weeks ago.  But there is a difference between knowing a person and trusting them, and a stranger being just as amazing and trustworthy.  It seems this holiday season was specifically set aside to restore my faith in a humanity that seems more and more depraved each day.  I am impressed and absolutely thrilled that everywhere I turn, the people around me are wonderful.  In light of recent tragedy, this has been a welcome, hope-bringing reminder of the greatness of the human soul.