Happy Santa Lucia Day, everybody!

Today is about the light of tradition.

I am not a societal traditionalist.  Example: I tried to wriggle out of both my High School and College walking ceremonies (succeeded with the HS one).  I don’t like traditions that solidify into law.  Tradition–in society–has become a prescriptive rule that must be obeyed, no matter how miserable it makes people.

Thankfully, my parents have learned to be fairly tolerant of this tradition shunning.  And equally tolerant when I insist on family tradition.

Because I do love familial tradition.  Santa Lucia Day is one of those beautiful traditions that, while not unique to my family, is precious to my family.  And when we’re all together, having flour fights or singing carols for children or taking a picture of the sign that says, “Roast your nuts here!” (chestnuts, people, chestnuts) we’re lifted up!  We feel love and light and fun.

This is what got my family through all those tough times.  All the days when I was a total harpy, all the days I couldn’t crawl for depression, all the days I was psychotic with mania, and–of course–their bad days as well.  We made it because we are bound by our own precious traditions.