Today’s light is the light of simple love.

Sometimes it’s difficult to maintain friendships long distance.  People change and you’re not sure how MUCH they’ve changed because they’re far away.  They move on with life, you do, too.

Love becomes complicated.

And then, somehow, it just isn’t anymore.  You remember the things that will last.  You keep up on Facebook.  You talk to mutual friends and hear the little things that you wouldn’t otherwise.  You find memories hidden deep in the recesses and banks of your mind that mean more than time, distance, or life happening in between the two.

Love becomes simple once more.  These people are wonderful and part of you, just as you are part of them.  Finding the thing or card or sentiment that is just right is no longer a chore.  It’s a privilege.  It’s the complicated way to say the simple, “I love you.”


One more week in the Santa Lucia’s Light series!  Then, it’s Christmas. 😀