When in college, I was introduced to the concept of the Bible being “God’s second book.”  It’s an older concept.  The theory is that the world is God’s first and greatest creation–His first book–and that the Bible was the second great book.  I’ll admit, being an English major and aspiring author, I loved the concept that authorship was akin to creation (which, by the way, is a scriptural concept, too–Hebrews 12:2).  The concept also intimidated me, because I started thinking about whether I was being spiritually responsible with my creations.  God’s creative power is infinite and incomparable, I would never presume to say I was on the same footing as He, but He did give me these creative gifts and talents.  He intended for me to develop and use them.  He also gave me the power to, with the right partner in a sacred union, create life.

Was I being responsible with my creative powers?  Was I doing what I should to create positive, uplifting things?  Was I setting a pattern of respect and gratitude in my creations that would carry over into motherhood?  Was I authoring good books?

The answer was, I wasn’t thinking about it.  So, not always.  This is not to say I always have to create things that are Christ or religion centered, but that I need to create things that do not drive Christ out of my life, things that invite Him in. Setting the pattern of Christ in my life is one of the most important things I can do now for the future of my as yet non-existent children.  I’m still learning to do this.

But I have learned about the light of creation.  The joy of seeing something in my head and having it come out better than I expected.  The feeling that comes when a project is complete.  Making something I can love and cherish, or give to someone I love and cherish.  Understanding what it is to create.

Someday, I’ll understand it more intimately.  I’ll feel life inside me, and then work about creating a home to receive that life.  I hope, by then, to have learned the patterns of positive, loving, God-centered creation so that my children will come into the world knowing that they are loved both here on earth and by their Heavenly Father.  I hope, by then, to be ready to create my greatest book: a child who chooses to grow into a positive and kind and merciful human being.  I hope, by then, to be a teacher as well as a learner so that MY child(ren) will know what it is to TRULY create.  So that they will know that light and joy that I have been blessed to feel throughout my life, the light and joy that makes it possible for me to understand my Heavenly Father just a little bit better.