Today is the light of cheer.

No, not joy.  Cheer.  Cheer is so much more complex.  It’s about encouragement and belief in self and activity and being uplifted and spreading that around.  Cheer.

I’ve been thinking a lot about being of good cheer (it is the Christmas season, after all).  A week and a half ago, I made the goal to be more positive than negative, even if the split was only a single percentage.

And you know what?  It made a BIG difference.  Having Giggles around at the beginning of it helped a lot, being that she is the personification of cheer.  But the decision I made beforehand to be happy was defining.

It made a huge difference in a difficult week and difficult situations.  And, furthermore, it made me think and hope more.  Today, when a couple things I had been pouring work into fruitlessly started coming together, that hope paid off.  I even found more reason to hope.

Cheer got me through.  It’ll get me through more as I remember to have it.  It will allow me to trust and love those around me better, if only by bringing them cheer, too.