Today is about the light of humor.

Especially in the face of abject stupidity.  (Joie Fact #23: I ascribe to the world view of, “You either laugh or you cry, and it’s much better to laugh.”)

A friend of mine posted to a petition this morning.  This petition was done through We the People: Your Voice in Government, a site which is a really nice idea but–as a friend of mine pointed out–not terribly effective.  However, this petition was reasonable.  After reading up on it, I declined to sign, but understood why my friend did.

Over the past few weeks, I have seen several petitions from this particular website, many of them regarding the secession of certain states from the union due to election results.  So, seeing the dichotomy between those petitions and this reasonable, intelligent one, I decided to read through the petitions on the website.


I was CRYING from laughter at one point.  It was hilarious.  The website, which should be used for serious concerns that need to be addressed by the government, was bogged down with personal vendettas, illiterate rants, and promotions of hate.

I really did have to laugh or I’d cry.  Also, there was good reason to laugh on one: The petition was for the construction of a Death Star. 😀

I’m so very glad I was raised in a family that looks to the positive, to the humor in things.  I don’t know what I’d do without that perspective.