My mother and I had a tumultuous relationship.

It is better.

It’s still not perfect.

We’ve learned about each other.  We’ve learned to see past our similarities to see our differences.  We’ve learned to forgive those differences so that we can embrace the similarities.  We’ve learned to see past our tumultuous past and look to the future.  We’ve learned to communicate.

We’ve learned to forgive.  We’re both learning how to forget.

Because we are still learning, sometimes, that hurt still crops up.  Sometimes we say something.  Sometimes we do something.  Sometimes circumstances remind us of something.  Sometimes, we just hurt.

And then I read this verse:

But [Jesus] answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.

Then, I remember.

God planted me in my mother’s  life.  He planted love and a desire so strong it was almost an ache to be a good mother in her heart.  He planted trust and love in mine.  He planted our family, specifically and with purpose.

We are the ones who planted the hurt.  We are the ones who planted the tumult.  We are the ones who planted the distance between us.

He is the one who has helped us start rooting it up.

We are not perfect.  We have not yet learned everything we needed to do to make our relationship smooth.  We still–certainly not nearly as frequently as we used to, but still–plant hurt.  But God will not allow us to grow those plants, not forever.  He will teach us to dig and root them up.  And then, when we have dug out all we can, He will dig out the rest.

Before today, I read that scripture as a threat.  It was said in reference to the Pharisees and their roots of wicked traditions.  Today, someone–a stranger–taught me to see it differently.  They taught me to see it as a promise.

All that has not been planted by my loving, caring, wonderful Heavenly Father, will be rooted up.  My mother and I will have a perfect relationship one day.  God will not allow it to be any other way.

I promise–especially to my mother, but to any who I have planted negativity in–I will dig.  I will learn.  And together, with Heavenly Father as the perfect exemplar and teacher, we will root it up.