Today is all about the light of hope rewarded.

I may or may not talk about the light of hope in this series, but the past 24 hours have definitely about the light of hope rewarded.  It’s more than just joy.  It’s joy mixed with anticipation mixed with satisfaction.  It’s the bubbles in your stomach hopping and popping.  It’s dancing on cloud nine with Fred Astaire.

It’s also really hard to get to.  Life is often about disappointed hopes.  And each disappointed hope teaches us to hope less.  It takes energy, lots of it, to live in hope.  Unfortunately, that energy is not often worth sustaining and expending.  It’s wearisome.  Bitterness, on the other hand, is super easy.

I completely understand why people give up on hope.  Hope is active–leaping, climbing, running headlong into the wind.  Bitterness just has to sit there to exist.  It doesn’t take energy to be spiteful and irredeemable.  All bitterness needs is an invitation.  But it rots, and it leaves grooves on a soul full of that pusillanimous mold.

Sure, the reward is often long in coming.  It’s rare.  It’s incredibly difficult to wait for.  I know.

Still–do it.  Hope rewarded scrubs the soul.  It gets rid of the dross of doubt, bitterness, and self-loathing.  That’s why it feels like floating; you’re no longer weighed down with those feelings that convince you you’re not good enough for whatever it was you were hoping for!

Let that light–the joy and anticipation and satisfaction and light-heartedness–sustain you.

It’s so hard, but it is so worth hoping.