The light of knowledge is a beautiful thing.

I hate being wrong.  I’ve done my best to develop the grace to put aside my pride and admit being wrong.  I don’t always succeed, but I try.  Even in the cases that I am far more stubborn than I have any right to be, I have managed to learn to be better about acknowledging it.  I hate to be wrong.  But I am, frequently.

This is why I’m such an advocate of recreational learning: learning for the sake of learning, the joy of knowledge, makes it easier to be wrong.  Sometimes, when I am around others who are further along the path of knowledge than I, these moments happen.  If I love learning more than being right, I learn from them.  Then there are the occasions when I am the source of knowledge, and I remember the joy it is to help others discover.

Learning, knowledge–these are not about being right or wrong.  They’re about passion and discovery and fun and joy when done right.

And once that light has happened, it cannot unhappen.  Knowledge is a light that stays on forever.