As you may have guessed, today’s light is the light of truth.

Last Sunday was what can only be categorized as a BAD DAY.  Much of this had to do with my two jobs in my congregation: they are thankless.  In no small part due to that fact, they are also dead (or mostly dead) programs that I have been asked to try to revive.

Last week, after my best efforts, I was still left with two dead (or mostly dead) programs on my hands.  I was feeling less than thanked.  I complained to a friend, I crashed into a very sweet woman’s car (coincidentally, not in an attempt to relieve frustration), and I cried to my parents.

And I did NOT feel better.

Before I knew it, it was Sunday again.  And I was facing another week with little to no support for these two callings I hold.  This time, I said something.  I told people that I wasn’t getting any help.  That every effort I was making for them would be for naught if they wouldn’t communicate or help.  I told the leadership that I was in two of the most thankless jobs and that I was not sure I could do it.

This time, I got a little help.  I got a response.  I hate that I had to hold it over people’s heads, but rather than just holding it all in and getting angry, I said something.  I was honest about my struggles.  And I feel a whole lot better for it.

Now, back to work.  Only 20 days until the Christmas activity and four Sundays to Christmas Sunday.  There’s still plenty to do.