Today’s light is the light of childhood.

My family and I (minus, of course, the Brazilian contingent) went to see Rise of the Guardians today.  It was pretty adorable.   Visually, probably one of their best.

The most adorable part was the very vocal child in the front who chimed in at *just* the right times.  Whether it was, “He was cool!” or “I believe in you!” this kid was right on the money.

So was the movie.  Let’s be honest, the plot was as schmoltzy and ridiculous as any children’s movie around, but it said the right things.  Who knew that those right things, the need to wonder and dream, would be delivered by an ex-Russian mobster Santa and the Easter Bunny from Down Under?

Props to Alec Baldwin and Hugh Jackman.*  You made a lot of kids happy.

And I, at 25 years old, was giggling and squeeing with all the kids in the theatre.  Despite age and experience, the light of childhood lingers.  That is, if you let it.  I hope I always will.  There’s very little in this world more pure.  Or hilarious.



*Also, to Jude Law.  Seriously, he should voice every animated villain from now on.