Today, I am thankful for lists and procedures.

I have a deep and abiding love of lists.  One of the things I had to do when writing essays in classes was look for lists, because I tended to over-use them.  You’ll see it in this blog, too, as you read.  I LOVE lists.  Similarly, procedures–no matter how labyrinthine they are–are just lists of actions.  For me, this is comforting.  To have an enumerated (or at the very least physical record) list of things or actions gives me something to reference, something definitive to do.

It’s been a distressing 24 hours.  I needed a list, some procedures to get to the other side of that wall of distress.  Thankfully, with the help of my mother and of some personal experience, I managed to compile the list I needed and got things done.  After following the steps as far as I could to the part of the list that required second party participation, I felt relieved.  With that relief came relaxation.  I feel ten times better than I did this morning waking up, just because I put together and followed a simple list.

Sometimes I’m amazed at the small things that can really turn around a day.  Now, if I can just get rid of this devil headache, I’ll be set and solid.