Today I am grateful for the funny moments.

This afternoon, I went to my parents’ house to pick up some cookies that my mother had put aside for me.  It was very kind of her.  She took me down to my old room to do some last minute clean up before they have house guests tomorrow.  After accomplishing the very minimal clean up (I did all the big stuff earlier this week), I sat down on my old bed and ate a cookie.

I mentioned it was nice to see and sit on my old bed (it’s been in storage for a while) and my mother looked at me on it and said, “And you’re sitting in the EXACT SAME place.”

I was, needless to say, confused.

It was then explained to me that there is a visible dip on the edges of both sides of the mattress right in the center where, being OCD as I am, I tend to sit.  My mother directed me to sit on the end to even it out, but it felt funny.  The center was perfectly broken in after YEARS of sitting just there.  So, when Mom stepped out of the room, I slid right back.

We had a good giggle about it.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what family is about.