I know, I’m boring and probably some didactic grammarian.  I used to the correct conjugation of the verb AND I didn’t use any of those pervasive ‘z’s.  I am boring.

But whatevs (hah–not totally boring)!  I’m comfy with it.

Today, I’m grateful for the skills I have.  Some of them were entirely developed, some of them are raw talent, and some are raw talent I chose to develop.  My varied interests have lead me to developing skills across the spectra of subjects and I LOVE that.

In particular, today’s thanks belongs to my cooking skills.  I had conscientious parents who wished to make sure I could follow a recipe by the time I was old enough to be left alone at home for any period of time.  However, I also have forgiving parents who allowed me to experiment in the kitchen.  There were times I completely wasted supplies, but eventually I came to the point that I could experiment and come up with something palatable each time.  Most times, I make something super delicious!  YAY!!!!!  This has been particularly wonderful when I have literally had to pull leftovers and one or two raw ingredients (due to lack of supplies or funds) from the fridge and make something.  I will admit, though, that I’m still figuring out how many pepper flakes to use.  Good thing I love spicy food.

I have been gifted the ability and irrepressible desire to learn, which makes life fun and new every day.  Especially as I learn fun and new talents.