Today, I am grateful for the community of church.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We are known for our (perhaps sometimes overdeveloped) sense of community.  I am very socially awkward, so having a ready-made community in the Church is extremely helpful.  It provides a place where I can know of the people I’m with going in, which makes socializing much easier for me.  It’s also a much needed support.   Knowing that, when life decides to be annoying and frustrating, makes it much easier to face the trials.

The extended community, the fact that I have TOTAL AND COMPLETE STRANGERS walk up to me and say, “You’re a insert last name here,” is completely crazy.  But nice.  My father and mother are pretty darn incredible.  Mom is a Superwoman, and Dad is extremely capable.  They are both commitment keepers and have taught me to do the same.  Yes, I am my own person, but much of that person is their efforts in parenting me.  So, when people ask if I’m a insert last name here, I’m proud to answer in the affirmative.  And proud to do my best to uphold the reputation that comes with the name.  It is that reputation that causes people to seek me out and give me chances to support them.  I love to give back to the community of my church.  Also, that reputation means I am NEVER without support.  Once people at church know I am my parents’ child, they always seem to watch out for me a little more.

I love the gospel that my church teaches.  I love that it is an out-reaching and service centric gospel.  I love that the community inspired by the doctrine allows me to be served and be in the service of others.  I love that the community provides a place of belonging to all who wish to belong.  I love that this socially awkward mumbly-bumbly girl can learn to love people so different.  I love this church community.