Today, I am grateful for my health.

First, let’s talk about what little health I do have.  My college dad (CD) once asked me, “On a scale of one to five, five being impervious immune system like me (seriously, the guy doesn’t even get sick once in a blue moon–it is an annoying talent to one so sickly as I) and one being dead, how healthy do you think you are?”

I considered it.  I knew I had a better immune system than my sister, Anli, who probably only qualified as a 1.25 on a good day back then (she’s gotten so much better, it’s a complete miracle), so I thought I’d give myself a solid middle of the road 3.


“You are a ZERO!” he exclaimed.  According to CD, I had over estimated.  Anli would have been a negative two by his scale.  Apparently, I have a zombie sister . . . which is kind of awesome.

And this was a discussion of my physical health.  Combined with my mental health, I’m pretty sure I could have gone negative on that scale, too.  Zombie sisters forever!

However, that was several years ago.  Since then, I’ve lost a good amount of weight, gained most of it back, changed eating habits to much healthier ones, and despite the weight problem have managed to keep on top of my health in a way I never did before.  I went off my medications for my Bi-Polar a year ago and have managed to stay off them with minimal adjustments to routine and expectations of what I can and cannot do.  I am doing better.  Maybe only a two and a half on the CD scale, but better.

Yesterday, Doodlebug and Squiggleboo went in for their two month appointment, which means shots.  😦  I’m glad they’re getting inoculated, but the fever that came with the shots hit Doodlebug like a truck.  We kept on top of the baby Tylenol, so there was nothing much left to do except let her lay on my chest (which was pretty much the only position and place Doodlebug wouldn’t scream . . . Squiggleboo was similarly situated on Auddie’s chest).  Everything was going as well as could be expected with cranky babies.  We got them back to bed and all seemed well.

Then, I realized I had absorbed some of Doodlebug’s heat.  I was in jams, so my shirt was pretty thin.  I had taken all of that fever into my core and was not doing well for it.  I was weak in the knees and could barely think.  I got ready for bed (and I will never know HOW I managed to change sheets in the state I was in), turned on a fan in pure desperation (I run cool as is, fans and I are NOT friends), drank a huge glass of cold milk, and PASSED the heck OUT.

Thankfully, the fever did not originate in my body, so all it took was one solid night’s sleep for my body to regulate again and get me back to where I needed to be.  I’m not sure that would have been the case a few years ago.  I am grateful for the health that allows me to have driven here on my own, help take care of my nieces, and recover in time to help care for them the next day.

Also, I’m grateful the kiddos are doing MUCH better today.  Passing on all that heat seems to have gotten Doodlebug back to where she needs to be, and Squiggleboo is doing pretty darn well, too.  Shots are never fun, but the babies will be safe.  And healthy.