Today, I am grateful for the role models in my life.  I have rarely, if ever, had heroes and role models that I had no chance of meeting because I have been blessed with a wealth of role models in my everyday life.  I’m lousy with ’em.  But that’s awesome.

Today, I got to see a lot of the influential people from the college years of my life.  All of them changed my life.  Some of them quite significantly.  And, in seeing them, in hearing them praise my accomplishments in the two and a half years since college, and in having them encourage my goals for the future I felt a balm to a weary soul.

I haven’t accomplished all (or even close to all) I wanted in the past two and a half years.  I really thought I’d be working on my MA right about now, maybe even mostly done.  I thought I would be out of non-school related debt.  I thought I’d have a job more closely related to my field.  I thought I’d be living in Arizona.  I thought I MIGHT even be dating more seriously . . . or even dating at all.

I haven’t gone back to school, not even a tiny class.  I’m still neck deep in debt all around.  I haven’t left my job, but that’s been for good reason (I love it, even if it is pretty far afield).  I moved, but only across town.  I’m VERY single.

But seeing these people, these professors who changed my life and believed in me without hesitation, reminded me that’s not all the last two and some years have consisted of.  These wonderful men and women see something to be proud of, despite all I HAVEN’T done, because I have done things.  I’ve finally found the right, not just good, career path for me, one that allows me to pursue my passions unrelentingly.  I’m learning how to budget, and that’s never been something I’m good at–still not, but improving.  I’ve been put in charge of running two (and a half . . .) programs at work and am well respected by those in and out of the office I interact with.  I did move out and have an AWESOME roommate that I wouldn’t necessarily gotten along with in my earlier years.  I’m at a place where I can date seriously, which is not something I always had.

In addition, I spent 18 months teaching Sunday school for young children and forged relationships I treasure.  These children touched my life and, by some miracle, I managed to touch them as well.  I’ve been off my medication for a year (A YEAR!!!!).  I’m starting my own little business, which is not much of anything as yet, but it has the potential to grow into a little something.  I’m growing personally and professionally.

Sometimes I forget these things.  Seeing myself through my role models’ eyes helped me remember.  Also, it reminded me that sometimes baby steps are okay.  These are the people who taught me to pursue my passions relentlessly.  They also taught me how to learn bits and pieces at a time.  Not everything comes easily, nor should it.

I am grateful for role models, as they are the keepers of my self-confidence, passion, and hope.  They inspire me to reach new heights and teach me how.  Long after we lose contact, the impressions they have left on my life will remain.  My children will be better for their involvement in my life.  I am better, now.

Cheers to all the role models who have taught me to be better, not just the ones I visited today.

Ya done good.