Today, I am grateful for DearestBex.

I mention her enough here, I’m sure you all know who she is.  She’s my best friend who lives in England.  It’s her birthday today.

DearestBex and I met on in late 2005-ish.  She was publishing one of the most popular stories on there, and I was reading it along with everyone else.  It was an extremely raw story subject.  I could tell when she had a rough day writing it, so I started leaving very supportive and encouraging reviews, along with my technical reviews.

Apparently, they helped.  We started reviewing each others’ works, e-mailing, and then we just became best friends.  She’s supported me through the crazy journeys of recovering from Bi-Polar, a broken heart, loneliness, identity crisis, and a whole host of large and small things that one can only go to the best of friends with.  The 1’s and 0’s have been very kind to us.

Last year, I got to go see her.  Nothing quite compares to the anxiety of meeting the woman who has been your best friend for three years, and a good friend for six, for the first time.  I had all sorts of horrible nightmares that DearestBex would hate Real-Life Me and only like Internet Me.  Nothing was further from the truth (silly paranoid subconscious).  I had the time of my life with my England family.

Happy birthday, my love.  Miles apart, but never too far away.