Zombie Joie is becoming a frequent thing.

Today, I am thankful for sleep.  Naps especially.

Yesterday, I drove for about ten hours (ten and a half, I think, due to stupid construction).  It wasn’t straight, but it was only broken up by a 40 minutes of sleep at each of two rest stops.  The naps weren’t particularly restful, but they enabled me to get where I needed to be.

Then, as I rolled into town at 11:00 pm, I was greeted by two old and wonderful friends.  This means we stayed up talking until the twinsies (YAY!!  Auntie is here.) woke up for the midnight feeding.  It was wonderful and I got to schnuggle my Doodlebug while I fed her.  Then, after she and her sister were put down, I brought my things in from the car and collapsed onto the couch.  I think I got about three hours of sleep before I was roused by Squiggleboo* crying.  I had missed both babies crying for feedings and changing, but I was able to get up and dance her around for about 40 minutes until she settled down.

Not too long later, more feedings, more fussing.

Then Church.

More feeding.

Finally, a nap.

When the girls woke up for next feeding, I was ready, awake, and good to go.  This will probably be the LEAST restful vacation I’ve ever had and I am totally okay with that.  Being an Auntie is way better than sleep.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to say no to ANY NAP that comes my way.

*Yes, those are my nicknames for the girls.  Yes, when they are 18, they will be endlessly embarrassed by their not so cool Auntie and her nicknames.  But they DON’T care now.  By the time they do, they’ll be stuck with it. Bwah hah hah hah.