NO.  It is NOT Christmas.

And it will not be for another two months, practically, so shove that annoying Christmas cheer back into your closets.

Joie Fact #116–I am a Grinch before Thanksgiving.

Joie Fact #10–Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Joie Fact #3–I am SUPER CRAZY. [Diagnosis: Bi-Polar]

So what do all these things have to do with each other and the title that seems to hark back to Christmas, but doesn’t really (NO IT DOES NOT, SHUSH, THE SONG DOES NOT OWN THAT LINE!!!)?

This time of the year is, indeed, the most wonderful time of the year for me.  I LOVE Thanksgiving (see #10), and it is my time of year to really self-evaluate.  The Thanksgiving season represents one more year that I haven’t gone to the hospital for my Bi-Polar (Eleven years this year!).  It’s my wonderful moment to be truly grateful.  I’m always aware of how blessed I am to have escaped the labyrinthine prison bloc that was my mind during my teenage years, to now have the labyrinth so under control that I don’t need medication, that I have an amazing support system in place, and pretty much the coolest family on earth.  But this is the time of year when it all comes home to me.  This is the time of year when I got REALLY BAD.  I would spiral and make all lives around me miserable.  So, this is the time of year I am reminded and my determination is renewed to make the lives of those around me better.

So recap: I love Thanksgiving.  It’s November and therefore Thanksgiving season.  It’s my favorite time of the year.


My friend, Holly, decided to follow an example of a friend of hers (who I don’t know and don’t know if she has a blog, much less the web address), and post something she was thankful for every day of November until Thanksgiving.

Welp, I kind of love that idea.  So, me, too!

On November 1st, 2012, I am grateful for family of all kinds.  In two days, I am leaving to see my Missouri family, who are not blood related at all, but welcomed me into their homes and lives all the same.  They are as much my family as blood relatives.  I love them and am SO GRATEFUL to have them there.