. . . Is my therapy album (scrapbooking).  It’s got quite a lot in it, and I love it very dearly.  One of the best assignments I did was the, “What are my relationship absolutes?”

This assignment was not my idea, just to let you know.  I am a woman of strong opinions, and therefore no stranger to absolutes, but I find that I do not like absolutes in relationships.  I don’t have a set of requirements that are non-negotiable.  I feel like that’s setting myself up for failure.

But, whatever.  It was homework and homework is to be done.  And so I did and found myself trucking to the psychologist’s office with a freaking multi-media presentation.  I don’t do ANYTHING halfway.  I had art, quotes, pieces of music, and scriptures that were abstract enough to avoid being absolutes, but at the same time I could easily see them as non-negotiables.

And here is one of my favorites.  The fact that this is a non-negotiable for me is telling, I know, and a bit raw.  But, honestly, I can’t help it.  There’s something about this gorgeous poem that speaks to the soul of me.

“Fire” by Dr. Karl Shuker

The bright flower of Evil, an Orchid of Flame
The hot, scorching wingtip of Death,
Which vanquishes forests, and homesteads, and woods
With gusts of its venomous breath.

A flicker of crimson that blossoms and grows
With petals that quiver and curl,
Which dazzles the eyes of the onlooking world
As its beauty it swiftly unfurls.

But touch not this shimmering creeper of Death
A garland of scarlet and flame,
A glittering steed with a bright fiery man,
And a temper that no-one can tame.

An omen of terror, a lustre of heat
Whose plumes dart up faster and higher,
A dread, burnished lover whose passion ne’er ends
For this is the fragrance of fire.


Double post this week due to my TERRIBLE into of Tony!