My friend Tony is going to be blogging for me next week.  He’s been married to his lovely wife for nearly a month, had to move, his wife started her teaching career–basically, their household has been really busy and he’s being very generous with his time by doing this for me.

Tony is an author, having one book published and is working on his second!  I have not yet read the first (I know, I’m a bad friend), but the reviews are encouraging!  So, check it out if that looks like something you’d enjoy.

From his website:

I was born in Junction City, Kansas. My dad served in the military, so I got to travel and live in two different parts of Germany (Schweinfurt and Frankfurt) as well as Arizona and Tennessee before settling in Colorado.

Since a young age, I’ve had a love of storytelling. Movies, books, video games, music, anything that told a story amazed me. When I got into high school, I figured I could get my passion out through graphic novels (I was an anime fan then, still am). I dreamed of walking into Borders and seeing my name among the titles there. (Coincidently, Borders closed a week before my first novel came out.)

When I started my first novel, Juniper Crescent, I had intended to draw it as a graphic novel. But after all my research and character design, I couldn’t draw the main character to my satisfaction. Not wanting to lose all the work I had done on the story, I blogged what I had done and what I wanted to do online.

The response from my friends and family was very positive, so I wrote out a scene or two. Everyone supported me in writing this out as a story, and my work on Juniper Crescent began.

In my spare time from working and going to school, I enjoy crocheting, reading, and playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Sorry this is not up to my normal introduction par, but that’s about all I have time for considering the vacation is minutes away.  More next week when he posts!

See you on Monday.
Oh, and here’s a picture: