Miss Kate is guesting here today! (Sorry for the delay . . . it was not a good day yesterday.)  Her blog talks about cooking and new mommy adventures with my adorable nephew, Weston.

Recently, I have come to the conclusion I must go back to school. ‘Tis is not an old notion by any stretch of the imagination–before I had even started on my Associate degree, my parents and I made a deal that I would–at some point–earn my Bachelor’s degree. I say earn, not receive, because I believe it is something you work your bum off for and thus earn. Although, if they were handed out pell-mell, I would love one.

Three years ago this seemed like a boring and assignment-like task.  Much like an essay on some boring topic, I started it, dragged my feet, and eventually threw in the towel altogether.  I do have my Associates but it is from a technical school, Scottsdale Culinary Institute, which–as an amazing experience as it was–unfortunately does not transfer its credits very well (or perhaps the regular college I choose to attended was just obnoxious). So, eventually, I just decided I would work on it later and moved to small town Idaho and am now married with an amazing little boy who, on some days, makes me lose everything except my train of thought. It’s called the learning stage, and goodness gracious! This child wants to know EVERYTHING, and he hasn’t even started speaking more than three words yet.

Looking at him, I realized that I am not doing what I truly want to do with my life.  Furthermore, the only way to achieve that goal requires more schooling.  Both myself and my husband have reached this conclusion, so we are now working on a way for both of us to go back to school, raise our child, and at least one of us hold down a career.

* sigh*

It’s not even the thought of homework and soap-boxing professors that worry me anymore, it’s managing my possible work load, classes, and my family. I can stay up late to do homework, sure, but will that make me a grouchier person or will it make me miss things with my son? My mom worked and so did my dad and they always said it was the quality of time they spent with me and my sister over the quantity. It still makes me feel like a bad mom. Which is silly because I currently work full-time and so does my husband and Weston goes to daycare only when he has to. (Side note, daycare gets a bad rap, I went to daycare and it put us leaps and bounds ahead in how to socialize and share and get along.) Deciding to go back to school is a big step, and an awkward one, whether it be online or in a class room. And it’s one I want to take if only to get it done with. 😉 I want to set a good example for my son, both of us do, which sometimes means dealing with the hard stuff.

Thanks, Kate!