Yeah, I’m a Chronicles kid.  I grew up on the old BBC version and probably watched it once a month for about a year – even though it was on (wait for it) TWO VHS TAPES.  I just got  old, didn’t I?

This is one of the lampposts at Glen Eyrie, the friggin’ gorgeous castle that General Palmer (founder of Colorado Springs) built for his ungrateful wife, Queenie (uppity woman).  This was taken just about a year ago when my roommate from college and her husband came out for a special event of mine.  We took the opportunity to do some touristy awesomeness, too.

I’m posting this because I’m at a wedding of two whimsical and literary people today.  I felt it suited them.  Congratulations Megan and Tony!

Just around the corner there’s a forest . . .