I really did try to have the post ready for my sister today, but I’ve had one of those weeks where I’m lucky to do what needs to be done.  Last night was going to be my chance to finally write my sister’s post.  I got home and was so exhausted that I collapsed on the floor for about fifteen minutes before my roommate told me I needed to go to bed.  There is no reason for my reaction: incessant giggling.  I am not one of those people who gets giggly when they’re tired (unless medicated, which I was NOT), but after two weeks of sleep deprivation, my brain and body crashed with STYLE.  I was in bed before 11.

For those of you who don’t know me, that’s SIGNIFICANT.

I tried to finish the blog for my sister today, but I wasn’t coming and I didn’t want to do her the disservice of throwing something crappy and not heartfelt. Thankfully, I had this post in my pocket.  See you tomorrow for the first official picture post.


My blog swap partner (the illustrious Precious) and her companion (Jemily, who I am hoping will guest here someday) were super inspiring. They’re not concerned about blog length or schedule or being anything other than who they are (or these concerns don’t show, which is also an enviable trait). These girls are unabashedly silly and sweet and a little bit crazy, yet they still manage to be responsible (enough) adults without losing those whimsical qualities. So, I’m hoping to emulate them in a post that is just for fun. Random facts about me, life, and what I do and who I want to be. Thanks, P&J!

Random facts about me:

  • Just this past Memorial Day (May 28), I tore the ligament that crosses the top of my foot and separated my ankle bones twice as far apart as they’re supposed to be by–get ready for it–stepping off a curb.
  • Despite doing so two months ago, I am still in a brace and will be for another month and a half.
  • Despite the bright and shining example of my parents, I don’t believe in romantic love.  Yet I still look forward to getting married.
  • I have re-usable ice cubes shaped like fruit.  Some of them live in my water bottle at work and NEVER get re-frozen.  They’re like pretty decorations for my water.
  • I have been seriously propositioned by customers, even asked out on a date and one mentioned marriage, at least a dozen times.  That is easily the most awkward thing to diffuse over the phone.
  • I’ve been graying slowly since 19.
  • I want a horse named Turtle and an Italian Greyhound named Scooter.
  • I strongly believe I was born Bi-Polar.
  • I latch onto words and WAY over-use them over the course of several days without even meaning to.  Then I get tired of it and latch onto a new word.  I’m like one of those sucker fish on the tank wall.
  • I’m the dumb one in the family and actually kind of glad of it (if I had been my super smart siblings, I would have killed myself in college . . . nearly did being me).

Random facts about life:

  • I’m still not sure I’m living it yet.
  • The reason the US Census comes out 72 years after it was taken is because that used to be WELL beyond the average life-span.  I’m seriously looking forward to the day I see my name on a census, so they better not change it.
  • You’re alive?  Awesome, you’re achieving the nearly impossible.  (Seriously, from conception to life in our world – how do we manage it?)
  • You know Pocahontas’ song, Colors of the Wind?  Yeah, that’s about how I feel about nature.  It’s alive! (I was looking for a creepy nature (read as: spider) picture and found that.  I think I would have preferred the spider.)

Random facts about what I do:

  • The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association was established originally as the Cowboys’ Turtle Association (and now you know why I want a horse named Turtle).  It wasn’t the PRCA until 1975.
  • The PRCA circuit system was established in 1976, around the same time that PROCOM (the central office where I work) was established.
  • The offices in Colorado Springs were established in 1979.
  • I’ve been working in rodeo since 2006 and couldn’t love my job more.
  • Less than 400 people, living or dead, can claim to be World Champions in their event (buckle holders).  That’s WAY less than Superbowl or World Series winners (ring holders).
  • I spend all day on the phone with some of the best people you’ll ever know and have friends across the country I’ve never met (and some that I have) because of it.