I had DELICIOUS yesterday.  Spicy tuna roll, spicy yellowtail roll, and octopus nigiri.  It was a day early, but still good.  Besides, tonight I get to have Greek food (there’s a place right across the street from my doc’s office, it is dangerously convenient).

So sushi day: what is it and why is it important?


It’s a celebration.  And delicious.  Pretty simple, right?


This takes a bit more explanation.  About 18 months ago, I posted about having gone three years without cutting.  Notice, it was posted on the 25th.  And today is the 25th.  Draw your own conclusions.

One day, it may no longer be necessary to celebrate monthly.  It could be that I’ll just celebrate yearly, or maybe one day I’ll stop even noticing.  I am not in that kind of place yet and I actually think it’s healthy that I’m not.  One day, when I’m ten or fifteen years clean, it will be unhealthy to be in the place I am now.  Focusing on something so far gone and healed won’t be a good idea.  However, right now I’m focusing on the monthly accomplishments, the monthly wins that I get to recognize.  Eventually, each month won’t be quite so dear.  But for right now, I feel like it would be a mistake to not recognize these monthly accomplishments.

So, on or around the 25th of each month, I go to the best sushi place in town, order myself some octopus and yellowtail and/or tuna rolls (definitely went for “and” this time) and quietly celebrate one more month of health.

Also, it’s sushi.  Monthly.  I’d be crazy NOT to use this excuse (pay no attention to the fact that I am still crazy behind the curtain)!