Two weeks of posts!  I’ve been loving blogging each day so much that I decided to do it for one more week.  On Thursday, I’ll post a blog business post to introduce the new schedule that I’ll be adopting as of Monday, 7/30.  I just needed these two weeks to get back in certain habits.  Habits like: creating drafts when I get ideas, typing when I have a free moment or two, being willing to leave a draft unfinished, making a draft what it needs to be not perfect, and not being intimidated by my goals.

So, a few interesting things are going to be happening this week:

  1. BLOG SWAP!!!! (That originally typed out “Bog Swap.”  Anyone have a stinky swamp they wish to trade?)  That will be tomorrow, and I am thrilled to have Precious here!
  2. I have to skip Sushi night for a doctor’s appointment Wednesday, so I’m going to talk about the origins and whys of it instead (and probably have it on Thursday).
  3. Schedule update!  Thursday introduces the new schedule. 🙂
  4. The third “You should read this first” blog, featuring my lovely sister this time (for real).  That’ll be Friday, just a week later than expected.
  5. Another Picture Post.  It’s super cute.
  6. 100th post!  Between last week’s prolific posting and this week’s one a day, my last “post a day” will be my 100th post!  It’s silly and fun, so I hope you come look on Sunday.

See you around the blogosphere!