My blog swap partner!  Everyone, meet the amazing (I assume, I mean, they’re part of the 20 Something Bloggers community) blogging team of PRECIOUS AND JEMILY!!! (Specifically Precious, but more on that later.)

Jemily and Precious, according to their blog, met in 2008 in Park City, UT and immediately slowly and strangely hit it off.  But since their perhaps not so illustrious beginnings, they’ve found the rhythm of best friends (They even illustrated it with an A.A. Milne quote, are they not adorable?).  Precious is African and currently in Scotland working on her MBA and Jemily is a gypsy (currently in the UK, but been a little bit of everywhere).  The relationship between these girls reminds me strongly of DearestBex and I.  There’s no such thing as far apart when you love someone, and they have a blog to prove it.   Now, much as I would LOVE to have both write a blog for me (hinthint, Jemily – you are welcome here any time by dint of your coolness alone), Jemily is doing a blog swap on a different blog she contributes to.  So, Precious is my guest poster and she’s lovely (seriously, the e-mail she sent was amusing and enthusiastic, just what I was hoping for in a swap partner).  BUT, I wanted you to get to know both of the girls because I’ve been reading through the archives (WAAAAAYYYY ahead of you, Precious 😉 ) and they’re pretty amazing people.

From their blog:

The world is our oyster, so put some feathers in your hair, grab your oversized sunnies and throw on a pair of skyscraping heels. Join us as we trot through life with our thumbs out, dragging our wheelie-cases behind us!

From Precious:

The most recent stuff about me is in my latest post – . (Joie edit – that was the first post I read and it was a great intro – go, read.) But in short – I am born and bred South African, now living in the UK. Last year I hung up my heels to become a full-time student again. I am currently avoiding writing my MBA dissertation by eating my feelings, reading How to Be a Woman, watching the new series of Dallas, and hoping to get my dream job without having to leave my couch. I LOVE to travel, and the bug bit young, so am very excited to get to share a childhood vacation story with your readers next week.

I am so excited to be doing this.  Look for her guest post next Tuesday! 😉