Have you ever had that beautiful dream that fulfilled every disgusting wish you have never dared admit to yourself?

Congratulations, you have experienced what I am convinced is Hell.  You see, how I see Hell isn’t a literal fire and brimstone physical place.  I’m convinced it’s very real thing, but that it’s a thing more than a place.  To me, Hell is the place where everything we cannot have because of our mistakes, faults, sins, and–worst of all–no fault of own are shown to us in the glory they could have been and we get to sit in the knowledge of what we might have had, if something had been just a bit different.  Nightmares are actually much kinder, because there’s a lack of reality to them that makes it easier for me to get over (Seriously, sexually abusive octopus?  Brain, where have you been?).  But those wish-fulfillment dreams?  Those, even if they clearly aren’t real (and they always seem more real) are what I so desperately want, so I don’t realize that’s what they are until I wake up.

And then I have a rotten day because I’ve seen what I want but cannot have.  It makes me sick.  So, I’ve decided I don’t like dreams.  Bring on the nightmares, because at least the world is better when I wake up.

How do you feel about those dreams?