That’s right: I’m on my way home.  If this picture were at all the reality of how I was flying home, perhaps I wouldn’t feel so bad about it.  In fact, this might have been the moment I anticipated the whole trip!

But alas, alack, I do NOT get to fly home in a whale with propellers.  Sigh.

Then again, I should NOT be complaining.  Except for the piddly little hop from England to Sweden, I got to fly business class this entire trip.  For all I know, that’s about as cool as a whale with propellers.  And less stinky.

As I mentioned last post, it’s going to have been a whirlwind of a vacation.  A beautiful, crazy, amazing, once-in-a-lifetime whirlwind.  Not only that, I’ve turned 24!  Since when did I get that old?  I fully expect that on the flight to Germany, I’ll be really wired.  That’s what the books are for (there was a family co-ordination of books just so we knew what was being brought so we could do a swap on the way home and have that much more room in our suitcases).  On the flight to the US, I plan on sleeping.  A lot.  I’m going directly back to work tomorrow and it’s going to be an insane day of jet lag and catching up with what’s happened in the two and a half weeks I’ve been absent.  So yes, lots of sleep and probably a good deal of snoring.  I don’t snore horribly loud, but it’s sure noticeable.  Sorry, whoever I sit by.

On Thursday, I’ll have at least five pictures that I hope will have captured my twenty days abroad.  My goal is closer to ten, but no guarantees that I’ll be organized enough to do more than randomly choose five pictures and plop them on the internet.  I’m so excited to share this great adventure with you all.  For now, though, I need SLEEP.

After all, I did turn old on this trip. ; )


P.S. Happy July 4th to my American readers.  What a special day to be returning home.