Okay, confession time: I am terrified of being sea sick.  Which is cool and dandy, since I won’t be sea sick until the end of this cruise.  No, right now, I’m Kanal sick, if anything, and looking forward to being lake sick.

That’s right, on Göta Kanal, there are two lakes to cross.  One (Lake Vänern) isn’t too bad, just large.  The other one (Lake Vättern), however, is so deep that I have nightmares about falling down endlessly . . . and drowning, I suppose.  Mostly falling.  That nightmare started about eight months before the trip.  I hope by now, it’s gone.

Now, seeing as today is only the second day on the Göta Kanal, I won’t be lake sick yet.  But, I am the perpetual worry wort and I am even worried about being Kanal sick (or making myself sick with worry).  This has been my not-so-secret terror for months.  Mom has been reassuring me with promises of medicine (I presume by now the patch is firmly attached behind my ear), I’ve been reassuring myself with my few boat memories from my long-gone childhood.

But I am still terrified.  I keep imagining I’ll spend the entire trip barfing my guts up–sicker than a dog!  And I HATE barfing!

My only consolation is that I actually have been a water baby since my memory begins (and before–we have the tapes to prove that I was that child who learned to walk and swim at nearly the same time).  When I was young, boats didn’t bother me.  Heck, when I was in college I still had the ability to sleep through the roly-poly of an earthquake!  Hopefully these things will still count for something and I won’t have to worry about being sea/lake/kanal sick.

I’d really like to enjoy my vacation.