Well, it’s been a lot angrier than I expected, to be honest.  Getting ready to fly was a smooth process compared to being a responsible human being those last two weeks.  It had nothing to to with work or church and everything to do with the fact that there was a constant ticking list of EVERYTHING I needed to do to get ready to go.  There were times when I couldn’t stand the wait, and there were times when I was too pissed at something to be excited.  Hence why I left the writing of this blog, after preparing so carefully to get as much as humanly possible done before I left, to the day before I leave.

As this posts, I will be in England, I believe (augh, timezones).  I will just be leaving the airport after dealing with customs (why did I choose bread as a hostess gift?) and baggage claim.  I will soon be giving hugs, crying, and unloading a bunk load of gifts.  Some will be presents that I should have shipped between six to ten months ago.  Some will be hostess gifts (yummy bread).  One will be a gift I’ve debated taking for four full months and finally decided two days beforehand that it was coming, hell or high water, and that I better carefully plan a speech to accompany the present.  It’s either going to go really well, or be a painful reminder.  Oh well, she can re-gift it if she wants.

Most of the anticipation from yesterday will have worn out in the two flights combined for 14 hours of travel time. YURCK.  Today will be full of it’s own anticipation, though, because I will FINALLY be seeing England.  I’ve only been dreaming of that since I was five.

Also, and probably more importantly, I get to see DearestBex (that’s her name, shush).  We met via the internet nearly six years ago.  In those six years, we’ve been through a lot.  She’s changed the way I look at life.  She’s taught me how  to be a better person.  She’s amazing.  I’m dying to meet her and terrified at the same time.  DearestBex is my best friend who I’ve never met.  I am anticipating so many things.  I’m so excited about all this.

Also, by meeting her, I’ll be able  to honestly say I’ve experienced what Gonzo talks about in “I’m Going to Go Back There Someday”: “There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.”  So yes, the word still doesn’t exist and I can guarantee that Frank Oz wasn’t thinking of anything like this situation when he wrote those words, but it’s still a fun concept.  And I get to experience it.  Maybe I’ll even get to make up the word!  Who knows.

But the feeling is still thrilling.  The pit in my stomach has been slowly filling with giddiness.  By now the little worries have come and had to put to bed as there’s nothing I can do about them.  I’ve traveled on a plane (which I find to be uncomfortable at best and at times terrifying) for four times as long as I ever have before.  Right now, I’m just looking forward to seeing DearestBex for the first time.  It’ll be wonderful and scary and brilliant all at the same time.  The anticipation has been slowly building and now that the moment’s here I’m jumpy and jittery and ever so thrilled.

I’m excited.  An adventure has begun.