Yes, I will fully admit that I am a Castle addict.  Of course, I fell in love with the show when Nathan Fillion dressed up as Mal from Firefly (What!?  You’re surprised?) and then went on to do a full out Hallowe’en vampire and werewolf episode.  A LOT of fans of Firefly picked up on Castle then.  And, after this particular season finale, I feel the need to discuss the show.  For those of you who have yet to watch the episode, please don’t read this.  Even if you’re the type who cannot stand the anticipation and read all the summaries and detailed plot evaluations before you sit down, don’t.  Go watch the episode  first this time.

Okay, I’ve put in my warnings.  I’ve put in my plea for watching before reading.  I am even posting this at 11:59 on Monday so that I am STILL posting on Monday but giving maximum time for people to see the finale on the day of.  I’ve done all I can.  From now on, spoilers are afoot.

I knew Captain was going to die weeks ago (yeah, I started with THAT spoiler–go big or go home, right?).  By my reckoning, he had bit the dust back in “Setup” and “Countdown.”  “Knockdown” had some pretty big hints, too, but I was so concentrated on the murder case going somewhere that I missed it until later in February.  And no, I am not making this up.  If my Facebook account were still active, I would invite you to go look at the post I made going on web-record that Captain was going to die, and then the discussion I had with a couple fellow Castle fans on my post.  As it is NOT active, I guess you’ll just have to go look at my Twitter, which ALSO contains similar posts, from the beginning of this month, when I was reviewing the season in preparation for these last two episodes.  I’ll admit, for a week or two there, I hoped that he was just leaving.  But I knew better.  My first hints had nothing to do with what the writing was doing to his character, but Caskett’s (my sister’s nickname for the dynamic duo, and I’m sure she’s not the only one).  Those two were getting much too close to be broken up by their petty shenanigans again (and they break up at the end of every season).  I knew Captain was going out because they had already played the “breaching of the taboo” card and the “too involved in other relationships” card.  The next had to be professional, i.e. a new Captain kicking Castle out.  As I said, I hoped it wasn’t true, but it wasn’t a long hope.  Too soon, the writing turned to Montgomery, and all the hints were there (and in rewatching, there were smaller hints in the earlier episodes, too).  It was a sad day each time another small moment made it clear.

Second major spoiler, the one that made me declare I wanted to throw my phone at the wall (yes, I abuse minor technology when I’m angry), was I knew Captain was the third cop at the end of last week’s episode.  It was the only thing that made sense.  Otherwise, Captain wasn’t going out at all.  He was going to pretend to retire and then come straight back.  Nothing but the worst of the worst could make him stay away or get killed and this was it.  Also, the preview they put at the end of each episode for the next week?  Freaking  cement on my previously solid, but foundationless theory.  I hated it, and tried to ignore it the entire week, but it wasn’t meant to be.  This upsets me a LOT more than the knowledge that Montgomery was going to die.  Why?  Because I love Esposito and Ryan.  Captain has NEVER been able to control Beckett.  She was a force of nature that just happened to be on his side.  But Esposito and Ryan?  They adore Cap!  They follow orders . . . mostly.  He is their idol and NOTHING will break those two more effectively than Roy Montgomery being a dirty cop.  And, let’s face it, being a vigilante still counts as a dirty cop.  I am scared to see how this goes for next season, especially in the face of that fight they had in the alley.  They won’t have their cop faces on forever, and someday that is going to come back to bite the two of them.

Third spoiler: GOSH DANG IT HE SAYS IT NOW!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  After all that, after every episode when Caskett obviously want to talk about this twisted non-relationship of theirs becoming a relationship and he WAITS UNTIL SHE’S DYING?!  What is this Richard Castle?  You are ridiculous, you know that?  There were so many moments in this episode when he could have said it and there’s one where I think he should have said it (more effective, less melodrama), but no.  ‘I love you’s apparently only come out at life or death moments when you don’t know if the person who’s dying will even be able to hear it.  Cool.

I suppose I should end this post with a small note about reality verses fiction: I know there’s a difference.  Castle is a show.  And, while it is not brilliant, it is entertaining on so many levels.  The fact that I saw these things either says good things or very bad things about the writers.  I prefer to think of it as good things.  The signs were there for those who cared to see.  I’m sure there were people way ahead of me and some who were way behind.  That’s the beauty of a good story–there are things to see and to invest in.  I wish this episode had turned out differently, but the way I see it, it had to end this way.  My sister asked me if I thought that this had been part of Montgomery’s character all along.  I think the writers have known this from the end of Season One at least, perhaps even the middle of it.  So yes, I do.  She thinks this is new to this season.  I wonder, what do you think?  All I know is, next season can’t come soon enough.  Not because I’m an addict (though, as previously mentioned, I am), but because there are so many stories I see coming.  How can I possibly wait for them all?

SEASON 4 Predictions:

  • Ryan and Esposito have a fall out over the “summer” or in the first couple episodes.  It will take a good amount of time for this break to heal.
  • Caskett will not get together any time soon, but not because she dies.  Beckett lives, and a) can’t remember his confession or b) gets some serious care from her doctor motorcycle boy and genuinely falls in love with someone other than Castle.
  • The new Captain will not be quite so forgiving of Castle antics.
  • Captain mailed the documents to Castle.  Beckett, or either of the boys, respect the Captain too much to do anything but bury them.  Castle, on the other hand, has to know the whole story.  He has an almost unhealthy respect for the complete story.  He’ll make sure the others hear what they need to, not what they want to.