I’m going on record, there is no cross-over cuter than this. Superbaby annihilates your battleship and STILL can’t take Australasia! AUGH!!! Silly post, but I wanted to share.

"You sunk my battleship!" The U.S. and Chinese military hate it when Superbaby plays “Battleship” with their naval fleet… McPenguin:  “You sank my battleship!” Superbaby: “So what, you sank my luxury cruise ship to Antarctica…what’s the dealio? McPenguin:  “Sorry ’bout that…it looked ready to invade Antarctica or New Zealand…” Superbaby:  “By the way, how many missiles did you end up using on the cruise ship?” McPenguin: “Uhhhh…well let’s just say ‘the New Zeala … Read More

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