Ain’t that always the way?

So, this past week I’ve been trying to get back on track with my blog writing.  Thus far, I’m doing okay.  I’ve maintained my two blogs a day goal (some of them scheduled for my vacation days, some of them posted immediately) and I’ve only had to change my plans for WHAT I’m going to blog once.  It’s been nice to get some work done.

Last night, as I was working on a post for my vacation, I wrote about a nightmare I’d had.  This is how my body deals with anticipation: it presents the worst-case scenario via nightmare.  It’s a whole lot of fun, let me tell you.  The longer the wait, the worse the nightmares.  Usually I get the same one multiple times.  But this was just one instance of my brain’s idiocy, so I thought nothing of it.

Then my sister asked me this morning if I was excited to visit my best friend in England.  You see, we’ve never actually met.  We’ve been friends for years, but we met over the internet.  That makes this trip, well, very exciting and somewhat nerve-wracking.  Sure enough, I had a dream in which my best friend in the entire world hated me on sight.  Not what I would call fun or edifying.

Of course, I know this would never happen and, in a way, I’m grateful for the experience because I know how I might react to the worst-case situation.  Then again, since my dream self is about as emotional and paranoid as the dream brain that comes up with these crazy ideas, perhaps my reaction is worst-case as well.  Either way, it’s a comfort to know I’ve already weathered the storm in a weird, other-worldly way.

But it’s pretty clear my brain needs a break.  Because the amount of nightmares I’m having is increasing.  About stupid stuff.  Things I shouldn’t be having any doubts about are turning into huge deals in my dreams.  It’s time.  Thank heaven that the vacation is coming soon.