I keep telling myself I need to write this post and I keep finding more interesting things to do.  I suppose that’s what happens with follow-up posts, they just feel like old news from the outset.

The good news: I stuck to my guns.  I didn’t really send out the information to my friends fast enough, so I had to delay deactivating a few days into May, but I didn’t sign on after April 30th but to deactivate (and let a friend who had re-activated his account in on the scoop).

The bad news: of the 70 some-odd friends and family I chose to keep in the loop (a third of my total Facebook friends), three responded to my request for more information from them.  That didn’t feel so awesome.  I don’t know if they all think I’ll be back so quickly it won’t matter, if they just didn’t think that I’d actually deactivate, or if they didn’t think at all.  I think it’s a mix of all three, as well as some other reasons involving good intentions but not the best follow-through.  Heaven knows that’s been a problem of mine for years.  But, thankfully, I did have at least some info on most of these people, so that helps.  And they now have all of mine.  Hopefully that’ll take care of things.

The result: I feel awesome.  I hadn’t realized how much I hated being on Facebook until I did this.  I no longer feel pulled into the drama between my friends.  Have you ever noticed that there are these little dramas between the best of friends on Facebook all the time?  Familiarity breeds contempt, I tell you!  It was like having a hundred roommates!  Dearly as I love my roommate of five semesters from college, I had enough trouble with one.  Two distinctly different personalities in a room, no matter how much you love someone, does that.  I am a much better friend to her than I am roommate, and we know this.

So that is gone.  Also, I am wasting less time.  All those stupid games that I played for no reason no longer gobble my attention.  I’m working on my blogging more (although WordPress lost half a review I was working on last Friday and I’ve been avoiding it in a fit of pique for the weekend) and I’m reading more.  Yesterday, I finished three and a half books.  Though Sunday is definitely my high volume day for reading, I guarantee that I would not have achieved nearly that much had I still been on Facebook.

I’m behind on two of my blogs, which is really depressing.  I’m going to use this week to catch up.  My goal is no less than two a day.  So, hopefully, that means I’ll be okay by the end of this week.  Keep in mind you won’t necessarily see two posted a day, as I have many blogs that are being scheduled for during my vacation in June/July.  The no Facebook account should help this endeavor.

It’s been very rewarding to see Facebook’s web address slowly move down on the list of sites most visited in my feed.

Was this selfish? Perhaps.  Was this decision a long time coming? Yes.  Was this executed too quickly?  Maybe, I tried to make the transition smooth as I could.  Is this inconvenient for my friends?  Probably.  Is this difficult for me?  Yes.  Was this necessary? Absolutely.