… which one wrote this, and they both said, ‘Get outta here!'”

If you have never watched The Court Jester with Danny Kaye, I am so very sorry.  The opening song, “Life Could Not Better Be,” ends with the line “What starts like a scary tale, ends like a fairy tale and life couldn’t possibly better be!”

Isn’t that just the perfect description of life?  Or, at least, life as it should be.  Fairy tales, in their original forms were dark, dreary, and–frankly–not for children.  The happy endings only came at great cost.  Minus the magic, that sounds a lot like reality to me.

I remember the first time we watched this brilliant movie and I heard that last line.  I turned to my father (who was the one who had picked the film for family movie night) and said, with wide eyes I’m sure, “Starts like a scary tale and ends like a fairy tale?  What does that mean?”  He wisely said, “You’ll see.”

What a fun experience the ‘You’ll see’s of my life have turned out to be.  My father, who has provided so many of them, gave me the gift of adventure and wonder, of waiting until the end.  I’m sure this wasn’t the first (I seem to remember birthdays having similar attributes), but this one stands out.

Last night, my father returned home from a trip to DC with my brother.  He always gets gifts on his trips away, even now that I’m far too old for that.  His gift was a finger puppet of William Shakespeare (who looks like a Muppet).  It was perfect.  It was a reminder of my father’s love, but also of all the “You’ll see” moments in my life.

Shakespeare’s sitting at my desk now, smirking at whatever brilliant line is in his stuffed head.  He’s a wonderful reminder of what’s past and, better yet, what’s to come.