In about seven weeks, I will jet off on the adventure of a lifetime.   Five days in England with my best friend and two weeks in Sweden with my family.  I’m getting very antsy.  I’m beginning to plan on what to bring, what to wear, and–of course–what to worry about.  There is nothing I will not prepare for (and yet, I know I will never be prepared).

That being said, I thought I’d clue you in on what will be happening during the two and a half week vacation.  I’m going to spend the next seven weeks writing my blogs for those days WAY ahead of time.  On this blog, they’ll be titled “FROM THE PAST: <subject here>.”  They’ll be partially about schedule and partially about what I expect to be experiencing.  Call them Oracle Posts, if you will.  When I get back, the first blog I write (July 7th) will be an answer to all my predictions.  It will include pictures. 😉

For The Stories Begun, my writing blog, I’ll be doing something similar.  I’m using the scheduled events of the two Tuesdays I’m out of town to determine what the topic of the blog is.

As for the other two blogs, since they’re on a set schedule of read and respond, I’ll just be working ahead of time to get those books/chapters of Lives read, then review them and schedule them to post on the day they would normally go up.  Very simple, very boring.  Just a ton of work.

To accomplish all this, I’ll be averaging about two extra blogs per week (even though you won’t see them), so forgive me if the blog schedule gets a little wonky* as I get closer to the start date of the vacation itself (June 15th).  I’ll try not to do that, but you never know.  I am very good a procrastinating.  Also, the rest of the prep (can anyone say I HATE PACKING?) might delay blogs, too.  I hope not, but it remains to be seen.

Thanks for putting up with a “business” post, and also with me obsessing over the small stuff.  I’m so excited to go travel, but for now it’s time to prepare!

*This is not the reason the blog schedule was “off” this week.  I was afc yesterday until about five-thirty and then fell asleep right after dinner.  Oopth.