I’ve actually done it. I’ve committed to deactivating my Facebook account at the end of this month.  I’m taking the month to wrap everything up (getting names and numbers of people who right now I only communicate with through Facebook) as well as any pictures I really want.

I’ve been on Facebook for three and a half years.  It’s been a good ride and I don’t regret that time.  There were a lot of activities at school that I would have missed had I not been on Facebook.  There were many nights that I spent challenging my roommate to inane games on Facebook.  These inane games descended into giggling and fits and make up some of my favorite memories with her at school.

However, as my one year anniversary of graduating from college approaches in five weeks (holy crap!), I’m realizing that there are just a lot of people who don’t share my perspective on how to greet life.  I like different world views; I do not like blatant and persistent negativity.  When life becomes a list of all that’s wrong, or a diatribe against the cosmic forces, I find myself poisoned.  I used to have that view myself.  I fed myself poison voluntarily for years.  I won’t do it any more.

If these incidents were isolated to certain people, maybe I could block them.  But what person hasn’t gone through a bad time?  What friend of mine hasn’t had it so bad that they couldn’t see a way out of the storm?  I don’t think there’s a one.  The difference is that on Facebook we rant and scream at the anonymous internet and our friends get caught in crossfire of our venting diatribes.  However, if my friends know (as they should) that they can call me at any time to talk about their bad, I’ll likely get the whole story.  I may even be able to help them find the good that they’re missing.  On Facebook, I’m stuck eating poison.  Off it, I’m a friend again.

So yes, I bid Facebook a fond farewell, but with a bit of a cackle thrown in there.  Also, the farewell isn’t for a while yet, so I’ve some time to adjust to all the new things I’ll be doing to keep my friends from completely losing track of me (and me losing track of them).  This does include upping my blogging game.  I’ll be going to twice a week on this blog.  Not sure how the schedule is going to be changed yet, I’ll announce that on the second post this week (either Wednesday or Thursday).

Wish me luck!  Bless those of you who can use Facebook as the tool it is without feeling overpowered by all the negative it can be.  As for me, I’m looking forward to the day I can just back off a little and realize I have that much more time to devote to my friends, writing, and blogging.  It’ll be good for me, I think.