Otherwise known as the season of Spring–or the Disneyfied/WiiFitted version.  For those of you doubting about the WiiFit, I kid you not.  Yesterday morning, I got up to exercise before work (like I do) and was greeted by a shower of flower petals when I entered my WiiFit Mii’s personal calendar.  And I extend a challenge to all Disney lovers to find a single Spring-specific scene that does not have dancing butterflies.

However, despite the utter ridiculousness of the popular manifestations of Spring, I’m feeling quite excited about the whole season.  As I have mentioned before, usually the only excitement generated during this time of year has to do with the amount of unaccountable bruises I discover.  Spring’s unofficial nickname is “The Season of Spontaneous Bruising.”  However, thus far, Spring has been in the air for two whole days and I know where each of my bruises came from.  Huzzah!

Now, this is, technically, False Spring.  Colorado’s seasons go something akin to this: Winter, False Spring, Second Winter, Short Spring, Summer, Barely Fall, and Winter.  But that’s a very good thing because the “in like a lion, out like a lamb” rule works here, as well as working in reverse.  March came in beautifully quiet (and just plain beautiful), so it’s going to go out in a hail of storms and horror.  At least, it better.

When it came time to change the background on my computer to something more Spring-like, I was disgusted at the displays of romantic nonsense that greeted me (more dancing butterflies and flower petal showers).  So I tried for the abstract, but to my deep dismay, there seems to be no good art featuring metal springs available.  So, I went back to looking at Spring-related art, this time adding the adjective “angry” preceding it.  The picture attached to this post is what I found.  It was perfect.  That is what I see Spring as: storms and death and life and vibrant quiet all rolled into one.  That is the Spring I desire.  So bring on the lion’s roar, the Spring of storms.  I can’t wait to thrill at all the terrible beauty that nature has for me this season. 

Although, as I wait for that Spring to arrive (likely to come with Short Spring), there’s no rule that says I cannot enjoy the False Spring of dancing butterflies and falling flower petals, too.