I made it to work today, but had to leave at lunchtime. I’ve been out of it since lunch, only just barely made it to my doctor’s appointment I’ve been waiting on for a month and a half. I’m still not feeling so hot. So, here’s my post for today:

There is something to be said for fortitude and tenacity in the face of “the yuck”–whatever it may be for you. However, I’ve learned that there are times when it is best to just leave things be. Times when it’s best to look around and say: “I’m competent, capable, and feeling like crap. Everyone around me is competent, capable, and healthy. I deserve to get better quickly.” And, in that moment, you have conquered sickness, especially the sickness of the mind that tells you that you must do everything with no help. You deserve health, even when it might be slightly inconvenient to others.

Hoping for something markedly less pathetic next week. I am feeling better after a nap and the abatement of a nasty headache. Laundry, then bed. Best prescription in the world.